Naomi Simson

The Marketing Profession Is continually evolving

Staying on top of Marketing trends is exciting but challenging.

My profession is marketing. At university I studied marketing and my life in corporate life were all marketing roles. What i have found is that whilst the fundamentals might stay the same it has become a very different world when it comes to the tools we use to build brands and create customer engagement.

Despite the fact that many would say that I am an ‘old world’ marketer, I have much to contribute. Especially when it comes to social media channels, big data, personalisation and artificial intelligence.

Long gone are the days when a ‘big idea’ would get enough cut through to create an incredible program. Now everything needs to be integrated to ensure that there is one brand experience.

Please enjoy this selection of blog posts and if you get a moment let me know what you think.

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Catch up on the Marketing blog posts

Asking the right question

Asking the right question

Running a business for the ‘freedom’ of being your own boss, sounds wonderful – and often is. However, being a business owner has many challenges. I’m not talking about macro-economic trends, or the shifting sands of customer data. Simply put ‘it can be lonely at the...

Good Mentoring a Key to Success

Good Mentoring a Key to Success

Good Mentoring is the Key to Success “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”– George Bernard Shaw I choose carefully where I spend my time. This includes who I take on for mentoring, as well as finding mentors for myself. In the early...

Where do ideas come from

Where do ideas come from

RedBalloon was not the first business idea I had – but as I look back now I realise that of all the ideas I had, it was the one that inspired me, that I was passionate about, that I could see myself making a difference with. As I learned later when I did a Harvard...

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