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Naomi Simson keynote speaker

I believe that we need more role models, people that can be trusted, counted on and believed in – I’m proud to be that person for others.

If I can encourage just one listener, during my speaking engagements, to reassess the choices they make so they’re making a difference to others, then my legacy may well be far greater than the success stories of RedBalloon, and my Shark Tank businesses.

I urge audiences to play a bigger game – if I can – they can! My personal motto is “If it is meant to be it is up to me” and if there’s one thing I leave my audience feeling, it’s inspired.

Naomi is a dynamic, energetic and passionate speaker. She presents powerful and clear messages that not only resonate because they are personal accounts, but also because they provide a refreshing and honest viewpoint.

Amanda McDonald

Randstad, Stockdale & Leggo

Speaking Topics

1. Business Success

Naomi Simson started her entrepreneurial journey as a small business owner with a clear view of what she stood for. By aligning ‘the right team’ to a vision, a deep sense of engagement and purpose she accelerated her startup idea into something big. During this keynote discussion, Naomi will share her experiences and insights to growth and capability which are anchored around leadership, culture and the customer. She will finish the session by encouraging each participant to think about the ‘one thing’… that is, the one thing that, if you worked on it, your experience of business would become easier.

  • There are three elements to business success; growth, customers and people. That might sound obvious but it is the right mix and entrepreneurial insights that will help you navigate what is best for your enterprise.
  • Learn about the drivers of growth; what they look like and what you can implement in your business. You will understand what you can do to drive purpose, alignment and leadership throughout your business.
  • Understand the concept of ‘customer loyalty mirror’, and the correlation between highly engaged teams and end customer loyalty. At the conclusion of this session you will have established ways to harness a customer feedback loop to drive innovation in your business.
  • It is the role that your team plays that creates an innovative customer culture; speaking from experience she will show you how to replicate these ideas into your own business to maximise your market position. Naomi will deliver the employee framework identifying the five key pillars for you to work on in your business. This will inspire you to harness the untapped wealth of ‘discretionary effort.’

2. Customer Obsession

In this colourful and inspiring keynote, Naomi explores the challenges faced by many businesses that are ever fearful of disruption. With retail closures being reported daily, Naomi spells out her approach to ‘protection from disruption’. She speak to the value chain each business must build. Outlining her 12 point ‘to do list’ to stay at the leading edge, Naomi blends the tools available to her including: big data, AI, omni channel and personalised customer experience which all create intimacy, relationship and ultimately growth. She asks the question ‘what job is your product hired to do?’ and ‘what can customers count on you for?’ This thought provoking presentation draws on cases studies from around the world and will leave audiences in no doubt that it is not all ‘gloom and doom’ in business – growth will come from building ‘unbreakable customer relationships’.

  • Knowing what you stand for; getting customers to talk about you – and how to tackle tricky social media activity.
  • How to set priorities to invest in scalable customer relationships.
  • The customer obsession and using a framework as a scorecard to align everyone to the customer experience cause.

3. The Power of Influence

With more than 2.5 LinkedIn ‘followers’ Naomi’s media reach is enviable and impressive. She has become well versed in how to ‘make a point’ in a way that leaves audiences excited to put it into practice. In this challenging keynote, Naomi explores how to influence other people’s views, behaviors and opinions. Emotional connection and storytelling are critical to the ability to influence. Leadership and management are uniquely different and often people meld the two. She gives practical tips on what works best, pointing out that this is not about trying to ‘convince’ someone but about bringing people on a journey. Audiences will be left better equipped to impact those around them.

  • Knowing what you stand for – your steps to leadership (and facing your fear).
  • Leadership is about aligning everyone to the ‘cause’ – creating a deep sense of purpose.
  • Learn to identify the ‘One Thing’ that when you do it, everything else becomes easier – turn your ‘to do list’ into a success list.

4. Live What You Love — Personal Development

This presentation will touch, move and inspire – relevant to most groups, it is all about making powerful choices to live a life that you love. “If you love what you do every day you never have to work another day in your life.” This is about putting meaning in your work, discovering your passion, learning about positivity – sticking with it and being persistent… and ultimately fulfilling on your true purpose. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, but knowing what does drive you will give you the platform for a rich and wonderful experience of life. Naomi will share rich and vivid stories from her personal life and her business life to demonstrate the power of her personal motto ‘If it is meant to be it is up to me.’ The one word resoundingly that we hear after this session is ‘inspirational’. You will be inspired to take action.

  • Discover your passion – learn how to identify when you are in a flow and doing your best work.
  • Taking responsibility for what you want – not what others want for you – ‘If it’s meant to be it’s up to me’, and choosing what is the one thing you need to work on.
  • Playing a bigger game. This does not mean that tough times will disappear. As a result of this session you are likely to take on bigger challenges and in turn experience the joy of deep accomplishment. The resilience that you know you can count on.

Customer Feedback

Effervescent and powerful are two words which describe Naomi Simson’s presentation at a recent Stockdale & Leggo company event where she shook the room with her insight, innovation, vision, and wit. One of the best speakers our group has had the privilege to witness, Naomi’s delivery was world class, displaying a phenomenal ability to translate her own learnings and success into a relevant, thoughtful and intimate exhibition for our franchisees and their teams. A delight and a professional. Thank you.

Chiquita Searle

Publicist & Media Manager, Stockdale & Leggo

Animated, dynamic, amusing…Naomi personifies RedBalloon’s culture. As a guest speaker at a Hudson Human Resources celebration, Naomi’s candid insights, self-deprecating humor and unapologetic passion for her business kept the audience engaged, entertained and challenged to think differently. I highly recommend Naomi as an inspirational speaker.

Tracy Noon

Chief Human Resources Officer, Hudson

Thanks, Naomi, for the fantastic presentation at our ‘Talent Xchange Conference’ last week. We have had a stack of unsolicited feedback from delegates saying things like: ‘Naomi was amazing, I am going to implement changes immediately’, and ‘That was great, we will definitely be rethinking our engagement strategy’. Thank you for making our conference such a big hit!

Bruce Morton

Business Development Director, Talent2

Naomi, Thank you so much for passionately presenting to our senior women leaders yesterday. You were an absolute inspiration. Everyone’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Angela Mentis

Executive General Manager, National Australia Bank Private Wealth