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Shark Tank Season Four Tuesdays 8:30pm on Channel Ten (after MasterChef)

Shark Tank season 4 is currently on air and I can guarantee you will be surprised and delighted at the variety of business ideas and the inventions that we get to see…

I am often asked the question of ‘where can I buy one of those?’

Given most of the Shark Tank companies are relatively small — and many are in startup phase — they often don’t have access to retail outlets. As such, we have curated the range of Shark Tank products that appear on the show.

I have written a blog post on every pitch that has gone to air. So if you’re ever in doubt if a product or service is a real Shark Tank business, the best place is to search here.

Supporting small business growth is important to me and helping Shark Tank businesses bring their products to market is one way that I do it.

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