For 20 years I have been bringing Australians together. Here I share what we have learned to help business owners.

Naomi Simson

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You may know me as the #redshark or that ‘red lady’… but really I am a business owner, who, like most is challenged by the ‘new normal’.

Whilst I am known for my positivity, I am navigating a fast changing economic and health environment like everyone else. I have been bringing people together for ‘experiences’ as well as my speaking or board room briefings for two decades. And I am happy to share what I am learning. What is working and what did not I am the founder of RedBalloon and co-founder of the Big Red Group.

Naomi Simson
red lady

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I know being a business owner can sometimes be a long and lonely road, coming together is better for all of us.

For twenty years I have been bringing people together via experiences – creating thousands of connections, stories and conversations. We share that experience in our bi-monthly newsletter. We handpick blogs, articles, reports, videos and podcasts that will help you be successful in business.

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Join me.

I have written a number of best selling books and produced a number of online courses if you would like to hear more from me perhaps this is a good place to start.

you are completely unique and your journey is your own

To be completely honest, I read both of her books in 2018 and they truly changed my life. It’s changed the course of my business activities, my entrepreneurial thinking and strategic initiatives. Meeting Naomi and interviewing her on my podcast Giant Thinkers was a dream come true. I still have her signed copies she generously gifted me which I treasure. .

Ram Castillo

She walks the talk, impressing you with her unwavering energy and drive in believing she can make a difference…and she does. She is a generous and passionate leader. She proves that with passion and purpose you can achieve the life you want.

Deborah Hutton

If you define yourself by what you do – that is all you will ever do. Naomi is driven completely by what she does for others – she knows ‘Why’.

Simon Sinek

I have never met anyone who loves what they do more than Naomi. Her positivity and passion is infectious, she lives with such purpose and she always leaves you with an extra spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Carolyn Creswell

what is your experience of work


Creating the ‘new’ experience of work

Much of what I write in the blog is what has worked for us at RedBalloon and The Big Red Group. There is an opportunity now to reinvent the experience of work and team culture. Download this white paper to access the six point BRG leadership framework we are using.

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stay curious and ask a lot of questions

Sunday Painter

If you know me, you would know that I have a passion for colour. Australia is such a colourful country of contrast which inspires me to capture its vastness and variety.


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Naomi Simson

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