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Naomi Simson.

Being an entrepreneur is full of twists and turns, no day is the same. That’s why I share what I have learned.

Here you will find a collection of themes that are essential for business success. I have found that being driven by purpose and passion has served me well. Ultimately, I want to feel a sense of pride in what I do.

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shared experience: thrive


Passion and purpose are often confused but they are not the same thing. Purpose is your resolve and determination, your ‘Why’.

Painted Picture

A Painted Picture document articulates the values and beliefs of your business.


A necessary but often neglected piece of the puzzle, I invite you to view planning as a constructive and enjoyable process.


Having the right people around you is necessary for success, but can often be the most challenging part of business.


Implementing initiatives to enhance your employee’s wellbeing, and your own will have a material impact on your business.


Focus is important and achieving success takes more than writing a to-do list…

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