Live What You Love & Ready To Soar

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Can’t choose or want both books?

No problem, you can get the combo deal of Naomi’s best selling books Live What You Love and Ready To Soar right here!


Live What You Love and Ready To Soar are the perfect combination to help you live your passion, find your purpose and turn your brilliant idea into a business you love.

Live What You Love

Is your career where you want it to be? Does your life have meaning? Are you realising your full potential?

Live What You Love is a best seller about when passion and purpose change your life. Naomi helps you to:

  • channel your passion
  • learn persistence
  • stay positive, and
  • find your purpose.

Live What You Love will show you how to add meaning to your life and in doing so, discover that when you love what you do, success in life is never far away.

Ready To Soar

You have an idea, you think it might have potential — perhaps people will even spend their hard-earned cash on it… if only you could just get started.

In Ready To Soar Naomi shows you how to develop your brilliant business idea into a thriving business. The book will help you:

  • avoid the pitfalls of many startup businesses
  • formulate your ideas
  • make plans, and
  • develop your individual roadmap for success.

Ready To Soar will help you turn your dream into a reality.

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