A start up kit for business growth

If you are like me, you have read a hundred business books and a thousand articles and posts. Most of them with incredible gold and great value as you look at how to start, grow and scale your business.

Then it comes time to planning.

You know you need to adapt, be agile, and customer responsive. And all those business books swimming around in your brain seem to illude you.

This is why I LOVE Plan.D (not sure about the name but I get what the creators Lucy Gilfedder and brother Sam Gilfedder are saying…

“Plan.D was first realised whilst Lucy was studying for the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at The University of Technology Sydney. Working alongside Dr Paul James Brown and the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation, she embarked on an in-depth cross analysis of the leading start-up guides and business management books on the market. All of which followed the same information dense structure whilst lacking adaptability and dynamism. There had to be a better, more user-friendly way!”

Quite simply Lucy wanted to bring to life all the incredible content that they had – to be a useful planning tool for business leaders.

Plan.D Agile Business cards

She and Sam collaborated with accountants, entrepreneurs, designers, HR managers, artists, and vast number of other individuals, Plan.D was gradually developed. A start-up guide that uses progressive ideologies, is easy to use and is applicable to anyone.

We have all heard the adage a business doesn’t plan to fail but they often fail to plan… and the statistics are that 60% of start-ups will cease within three years, and only ten percent will be an ongoing viable concern.

Start-ups most commonly fail due to one of five reasons: timing, funding, team, business management or idea. Plan.D is designed to address not one or two of these key problems but all five, and in turn provide focus on what is really important to grow a sustainable profitable business.

There are 50 research-based cards in total – choose one a week or use them as a basis for an offsite. It is so easy… you pick a card from the pack, and each is thought provoking, insightful and fully researched.

This could be the best investment that you make in the strategic growth of your business.

A big congratulations to Lucy and Sam.

Grab your set now

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