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You ask the questions of me in an upcoming episode of Handpicked

If you own, operate or want to start a business here is your chance to ask me any question. In this short sharp podcast series ‘Handpicked’ you ask any question about your business. You might have a burning question about where to from here, your team, or how to find more customers. No matter what stage of business you are at, whether you are ready to start, want to grow or even perhaps save your business – get your questions ready. Nothing is off limits. You will be contacted by the producers and notified of the logistical details should your application be succeesful. This is your chance to be ‘mentored’ in a bit of a different way.

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Business Owners ask me the questions on how to maximise their business success.

Each Monday a new episode will go live with me being asked the hard questions from business owners are startups. Make sure you follow me on any of your favourite podcast networks. And mid week we will also publish some ‘extra’ content to further explore the questions raised in the episode. In the notes section of the podcast I will provide additional resources, links and content to guide listeners to more information. Five star rated on Apple

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Recent Episodes

How do you create calm when life is chaotic?

Rebekah Campbell is a serial entrepreneur, author and commentator who thinks she has too much on her plate. She asks me the question about how do I find the time to do all the things I need to do?  And where does personal brand fit into the marketing mix? Should you use your own name to build trust for your brand? This is a wonderful conversation and Rebekah also asks me about my experience of being a published author

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How much should you tell you team about business performance?

Sally Obermeder asks the challenging questions on behalf of business owners and entrepreneurs. How much should you tell your team about the finances of the business? These questions are about leadership, transparency, building culture and influence. Growth is top of mind for Sally join in now to hear what insights I have for her and 

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Year 13

Whats the best way to build your business brand?

Saxon Phipps Co-Founder Year 13 reflects on its growth but asks “What’s the best way to start a business?”, “How do you weed out the ‘sharks’ and find advisors and investors who will help you build the brand?” How do you keep the brand building central to the business culture?”  We have a considered and insightful chat keeping it real and to the point.

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Merino Country

How do you know when is best to exit your business?

In this first episode of Handpicked, I chat with Kerrie from Merino Country. Passionate about Australian manufacturing, yet facing growth challenges as finding skilled team members is increasingly difficult.  This is a wonderful Australian business story with plenty of laughs, whilst asking the tough business questions.

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