Redii points platform joins RedBalloon for Business

As the Founder of RedBalloon I thought it important to share with my readers this change to the business. Especially because I have a hands on role working with RedBalloon clients directly in putting experiences to work in their businesses (for at least the next six months).


RedBalloon has a long history of providing experience vouchers to businesses for recognition, sales incentives and promotions. It started in 2002 with Fuji Xerox (Sales Incentive Program), followed soon afterwards with American Express (Member Rewards) and Optus (Length of Service Awards). Now RedBalloon, has more than 3000 business clients – and each program is different. Many clients self-serve by purchasing vouchers online – whilst others operate sophisticated programs designed by our consultants.

Until today, the online points platform, has operated as a separate business and a sister company within the Big Red Group.  With a changing economic landscape, it makes sense to merge these two businesses together. From 24 April 2020 we have expanded the RedBalloon for Business operations to include the online points platform customers join this much larger enterprise and team.

New Experience Range ideal for businesses

This will provide a fuller range of services to both customer groups, including experience vouchers, ad hoc corporate gifting and point platform programs. There is no real change to operations from a customer perspective, but it gives us the chance to provide additional services to both client groups.

Putting experiences to work is about having people tell the stories about the brand experience we delivered on your behalf is what we do. Having an online points platform as part of the offering makes sense to all.

In 2019 RedBalloon delivered more than 600,000 participants to activities throughout Australia and New Zealand.  We connect businesses to activity suppliers

Big impact for Australian and New Zealand Small businesses

As an Australian business we are proud of the contribution we are making to our clients and the economy as a whole – we look forward to working with you too.

Subscribers to my blog from time to time will also hear about what we are doing in the RedBalloon for Business team – and the impact we are having on small businesses. I’m looking forward to working with clients directly given I have designed more recognition and incentive programs than most and I am happy to bring my creativity to our clients businesses.

Please contact us directly on 1 300 856 356 or a team member so we can get started on your next step in using experiences as part of building engagement with your brand.




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