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For 20 years I have been bringing Australians together and I intend to keep doing that – right now that means adapting to this new world.

As a community, we must find different ways to come together and adjust quickly. Life, as we know it, has changed. New challenges are emerging each day as the way we work and interact continues to shift.

The video below was shot just over two weeks ago with the team at Sydney Cooking School and already the content seems outdated. At the time we had only just begun to see social distancing impact the bookings coming through to our small business experience providers and already we knew that we needed to be proactive and work together to innovate. It was vital even then that we were working together to find new ways to deliver activities and experiences to our customers.

The RedBalloon team has continued, in close partnership with our supplier community, to develop new experiences that shift the way people experience life during these socially distant times. We’re bringing these experiences to market with the brand new RedBalloon Experiences At Home range. Some experiences are virtual and are delivered online, others are immersive, self-guided experiences beginning with a physical delivery to your home. My particular favourite: High Tea at Home (Mothers Day is coming hint, hint).

The RedBalloon supplier community counts nearly 2000 small businesses amongst our ranks – these businesses depend on us for customers, for forward bookings. Our first step was to reach out to these suppliers and support them to develop new experiences that now form our Redballoon Experiences At Home range. We’ll continue to help our suppliers innovate to bring their ideas to market, and we have many more exciting virtual adventures we’ll launch this week.

We know there are endless experiences out there that we can help small businesses bring to life using the RedBalloon platform just as we have always done. Now is a time for true entrepreneurship and innovation. Perhaps you or someone you know has a business that can develop their own virtual or delivered experience?

We are inviting people to become ‘RedBalloon Researchers’.

If you’ve been inspired to create a virtual experience, or know a business that you think could benefit from connecting with RedBalloon to bring a new experience to our business and consumer customers, now is the time to innovate.


  1. Name of the experience (idea)
  2. The contact details of the business
  3. Your contact details.

Our team will review the new experience idea against our supplier checklist and will work directly with local business to help make the experience idea a reality with RedBalloon. To reward your innovation skills as a ‘RedBalloon Researcher’ once the experience is launched online, we will send you a $100 RedBalloon voucher which can be used to enjoy our brand new Experiences At Home range right away or you can wait until we are out and about again and purchase any of the thousands of RedBalloon experiences already listed – vouchers are valid for 3 years.

Every business is adapting. Now is a time for us to work together to help small businesses connect with customers when people need it most – staying at home. Let’s work together to make sure we have an incredible Experiences At Home range so we can continue to deliver experiences that shift the way people experience life.

I can’t wait to see all the ideas from budding entrepreneurs.

Information for businesses from the government can be found here

Information on Stay at Home


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