9 Interviews from April 2020

I have been doing a number of interviews in the last few weeks where I explore the impact of the Stay At Home edict on business owners. And look at ways that we can support each other. Here are the links to a number of them.

Webinar Interviews & Podcasts

Video Interviews

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Also published on Medium.

Grow & Scale Your Business by Naomi Simson

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Answering your #1 Biggest Business Challenge question tip: 

Go beyond just saying "Poor Cashflow" or "Unreliable Team". 

Instead, give Naomi details & specifics on how this is currently your #1 Biggest Business Challenge. 

I.e. "Every month I'm struggling to pay my bills on time because there just isn't consistent cash flow coming into the business. I've tried sticking to budgets in the past & pay myself less to keep some extra funds aside for emergencies, but still every month there seems to be another financial fire to be put out. I don't know what to do about it, so I'm just grinding it out."


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