Mental Health tips for Business Owners

If I see one more ‘unprecedented times’ in an email newsletter I am likely to scream. We all know ‘it’. We are in ‘it’ and ‘it’ will take a considerable time to be back to ‘normal’. We will get through, we will adjust and transform.

In the attached video here are 3 tips to support Business Owners mental health. The weekend is coming and we are unlikely as business owners to get much downtime.

The 3 tips on mental health for business owners

  1. No point blaming anyone – it is unhealthy. We are in ‘it’ and together we will get out of ‘it’
  2. Look to the components of emotional resilience – here is a 3 step frame work to assist
  3. Try to have a laugh. Humour helps… life will go on.

I will produce this vlog as often as practicable. I, like everyone else am working long hours to support the team and the 2000 small businesses that make up the experience supplier community for our brands

If you need to talk to someone please reach out to professionals – you are not alone, mental health is real, it is not something to be ignored. Here are some links to some phone services that you might find of use.

Mental Health Resources

Also stay connected to others, using FaceTime, messenger, zoom, Skype, Webex – who knew there were so many video conferencing services. One thing I’m learning is to navigate them all.

Another thing to do is to learn something new…. or work on the one thing that you have been putting off. Make sure you celebrate even the smallest achievements and tell someone when you are proud of the accomplishment.

Stay safe. Remember we are all in this together, you are not alone – we are well supported with government policy. Keep yourself busy and active. And look after your physical health as well as your mental health. Be kind to yourself and if everything is not perfect remember there are those things you can control and those that you cannot. Only give ‘head space’ to the things that are in your control and you are able to influence.



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