Ann Sherry AO has had what I would describe as a ‘non-linear’ career. However there is at it’s core a consistency in her dedication to improve the working lives of those around her. Much has been written about At the time she ran Westpac New Zealand – she not only met with me, she opened many doors for us both for suppliers and customers. A very warm and welcoming nature. Fast forward and I find that her generosity has only got bigger with the years.
I remember her saying at women’s leadership lunch some years ago – “Our job as female leaders is to make sure we bring other women with us.”
Last week I was present and a CEO roundtable event where Ann shared her thoughts on leadership. Even out of context there is meaning for others in her words.

  • “In leadership it is important to explain to people why the future looks better than the past”
  • “Most organisations have good people wanting to do the right thing”
  • “The sense of possibility does ignite people”
  • “To be a part of growth is exhausting but exciting and people want to be a part of it”
  • “The best way to get people to partner with you is to make sure there is a benefit for both”
  • “Risk aversion is killing us – we need the capacity to take ‘calculated’ risk and that can be very exciting – we must believe in the future”
  • “Hire on motivation, attitude and beliefs because you can’t teach people that.”

Her vision is inspirational, her achievements considerable – she brought us all into her world – and our world is better for it.

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