I am just back from my summer break – and like everyone else most of the year I make a pile of fabulous books that I am given or collect saving them for the time that I can sit down and enjoy. This summer I managed to be consumed by six books…
Thanks to all those people who gave or lent me these great books… (only one fiction).
The thing is about books – they have some benefits over the digital variety (in my old fashioned opinion) they are great to read outside when the sun is too bright for a screen, when traveling on a plane and no electronic devices can be used… and they are great to flick through (see what is coming) – though I never rush to the last paragraph… I just like to be able to pace myself.
I finished:
The Art of Belonging: Hugh Mackay… not my favorite of his books only because I thought what he wrote about was kind of obvious. I know the deep importance community – but he had some great thoughts on the importance of physical presence versus online. I loved his last book ‘The Good Life’… so will be a fan into the future.
The Life and Loves of a He Devil: Graham Norton… this is a great book for the voyeurs amongst us … curious about how other people see the world and how they live… I had plenty of giggles with him.
Leaving Time: Jodie Picoult… I love a mystery but this took me to places that I had not ever considered. Some years ago I volunteered with my kids in an elephant sanctuary – I learned so much about these wonderful animals at the time – so this book was delightful that it furthered that interest.
Design Your Life: Vince Frost. Since my early days at Apple I had always understood the importance of great typography and good design. I guess I just did not really understand the impact of great design on my experience of life…
Leaving Microsoft to Change the World An Entrepreneur’s Odyssey to Educate the World’s Children: John Wood Now this book I could not put down. And whilst this was published back in 2007 and much has happened to Room to Read in that time – reading the deep passion and persistence that John had in establishing his organization – and the impact that it continues to have was absolutely inspiring…
Go-Giver: Bob Burg… this is a tiny little book with a big message. So easy to read. I had to put it aside at the end of each chapter to contemplate how each lesson fit into my life..
As I headed back to the office today – I come with new insights, ideas (and friends) that I met in these six books whilst on holiday. Holidays are important, time to reflect, learn and create. Time to start planning the next break…

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