Here is a small extract from my book Live What You Love

There’s a notion that passion belongs to artistic types, musi­cians, painters, writers and children at play. The idea of being passionate at work can be met with, ‘That’s ridiculous! We’re all meant to be achievers.’ But think how ridiculous this is. Why would you reserve doing things you are passionate about just for the weekend? That’s how people become conflicted around life equilibrium. Sure there may be a distinction between your work life and your personal life but you would be lying in one of those per­sonas if you were a different persona at work from the one you are at play or at home.
So how do we find our passion at home and at work? The goal should be to make everything you do — wherever it is — something you’re excited about.
For example, I love doing my Ashtanga yoga practice; I feel wonderful with those endorphins flooding my body after a ses­sion. This lets me know that in order to achieve a similar state at work I need to be fully engaged, to put energy into whatever I am doing, to overcome any fears, setbacks and insecurities I might have. This way, every day can be exciting and present challenges to me which can be met with a sense of passion about what I am doing.
Anyway I have much more to share about this and do so in  Live What You Love order your copy now – and let me know your thoughts

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