Who knew way back in 2001, that sixteen years later, having served 4 million customers I’d still be absolutely thrilled when I hear how RedBalloon delivered the ‘perfect’ gift for a customer.
When the Red Envelope is opened to reveal a ‘bucket list’ experience or something that the recipient would never think to get for themselves — ‘a little bit of indulgence’ — that is when their face is filled with surprise and delight. Christmas is that time to ‘spoil’ those people around you, to cherish them and to really ‘get’ them by giving them something they really, really want. That might include spending time with you doing something you’ve both always wanted to do.
That is when ‘experience gifting’ really happens.
This year, I personally wanted to meet the customers whose lives we get to make a difference to. Being online, we work in a two-dimensional space. We see numbers, view statistics and try to understand the customer journey. And whilst our customer team speak with thousands of customers each month — there is nothing like meeting them in person.
This Christmas we wanted to meet more customers, listen to what they have to say and also give our customers (those gift givers who give RedBalloon experiences) an experience of their own.
We wanted to thank our customers in person for their loyalty and continued support of our small business partners, because often those people who are the givers, often don’t get to experience the activity. To do this, we chose to meet our customers at the Myer Giftorium in Melbourne and Sydney.
We have created a space (booth) as part of the magical Wonderland of Myer so that people can experience one of three virtual reality experiences. We provide a VR headset and then people can experience a balloon flight, rally drive or even swimming with sharks (and they don’t even get wet) — all whilst sitting in a RedBalloon cocoon.
It is our opportunity to come and say hi
It is our opportunity to come and say hi, find out what you love, what you would like to see more of, to pick up your personalised experience vouchers… as well as experience VR yourself.
I’ll be in store regularly so I look forward to meeting you in person.

And we have many other treats in store too…

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