Business Pitch

Naomi Simson

The business pitch is a learned art these posts will give you great insights

Business is about ‘The Pitch’ getting it right is critical for success. 

Creating a business pitch and presenting it confidently is a critical part of growing a business. There are many reasons why people start pitching. You may need to make a presentation. Maybe it is to the bank manager for an overdraft, or perhaps you are looking for investors. Getting it right is important.

I wrote a whole book – Ready to Soar, with one whole section dedicated to ‘the pitch’. In this range of blog posts I write about the mistakes many startup business founders make.

Personally I have made plenty of mistakes myself and I have seen many pitches too. Through trial and error I continue to build my skill at the ‘perfect business pitch’.

  1. Remember who your business pitch is for and speak to your audience
  2. Never wing it… practice practice practice!
  3. Have check in points to see how you are going, ask questions, make it a dialogue.

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Catch up on theses Business Pitch blog posts

Live What You Love: Purpose (Extract)

Live What You Love: Purpose (Extract)

Purpose extract from Live What You Love I don’t live to work, I work to live. But if I love the work I choose, then my work is no longer work. Our society celebrates the idea of the workaholic. Earlier in this book I have written that the happy employee creates a...

Stump the Strategist

Stump the Strategist

It is pretty great when you get to a point in your career when people are interested in what you have to say. It can of course be challenging and personally confronting when put forward to an event called 'Stump the Strategist." But what is great about it is that I...

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