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Purpose extract from Live What You Love

I don’t live to work, I work to live. But if I love the work I choose, then my work is no longer work.
Our society celebrates the idea of the workaholic. Earlier in this book I have written that the happy employee creates a great workplace. I note that a culture of fun and happiness can be authentic and fostered by all people in a business and that hap­piness can deliver amazing results. The words ‘fun’ and ‘work’ are not — and should not be — mutually exclusive. Yet our obsession with being an always-connected — indeed hyper-connected — society may undermine our higher ‘purpose’ and choices.
Many people spend so much of their life trying to please others, to do the right thing and look good, that they have completely forgotten who they really are. Have you thought about what makes you sparkle? Perhaps it’s now time to allow yourself the luxury of being your true self — to access your own deep emotions, thoughts and feelings.
Your purpose is not your job, your daily tasks, or even your long-term goals. What I am talking about is the core reason for your very existence. Are you finding this a little confronting? Explore why this might be challenging for you. What are you scared to hear?
Perhaps you think this is hogwash, that having a purpose doesn’t matter. Maybe you simply don’t believe that it is impor­tant. Not believing that you have a purpose won’t prevent you from finding it. But you are likely to discover your purpose far more quickly if you do believe that you have one — and trust in the process. Try saying out loud, ‘I do have a purpose, and now I am going to find it.’
If you really don’t believe you have a purpose, then you prob­ably won’t believe what I’m saying anyway, and you probably are about to stop reading. Even so, what’s the harm in taking an hour or so to find out? It could be the beginning of a whole new journey for you. Is that exciting for you? Or daunting? Your answer will give you an idea as to where your mindset — or context — is.
I have much to share on this… In book shops this week or purchase on line at Live What You Love and let me know your thoughts and the difference it made.
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