Positivity in leadership (from Live What You Love)

A positive leadership relationship inspires people to become more than they might have been without the relationship. Following an effective leader, people accomplish and achieve more than they may ever have dreamed possible. Rather than coming across as ‘delegation’ it feels far more like ‘all hands on deck’, pitching in for the greater purpose.
The foundation of this successful relationship is the leader’s ability to make people feel important. Recognition and acknowl­edgement take little effort but great practice. The simplest and most effective way for a leader to inspire those around them is by positive reinforcement.
Hiring, firing, encouraging, promoting — each is an everyday task for a leader. You have to make tough, often agonising decisions about employees. So if you are in this role, you think, you decide, you act, and then you put that decision behind you and move on. That’s the job. Someone has to do it.
That someone is you. Much much more to say on the power of positivity – grab a copy of my book and let me know your thoughts

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