Naomi Simson

I have been on this entrepreneurial journey for more than twenty years.


So you think you want to be on an entrepreneurship journey? Or perhaps you are just curious about other people who are entprenreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is made to look glamorous and yet on the whole it is not. Most people if you were to ask them, as business owners they are likely you will be living on a very tight budget, rather than driving around in a Tesla.

As they say the road to Entrepreneurship is littered with the carcasses of the ‘hopeful’. It is a lot of hard work however it can be extremely rewarding both financially and emotionally.  However, neither of those things is guaranteed. You get to run your own business, and make your own rules as well as build something special from the ground up. But for every Silicon Valley success story there are thousands of people that will never be a true ‘entrepreneur’.

I have found that the best way is to learn from others. I have run many successful entrepreneurial businesses. And I have made plenty of mistakes. In these blog posts I share the ups and the downs. You may want to subscribe to my Monday Xpresso Newsletter so that you can get a weekly dose of motivation.

So let’s get started on your entrepreneurial journey. Be curious, and have fun – reading and learning about being an entrepreneur.

Different ‘Chapters’ to explore – Entrepreneurial blog posts

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Five lessons learned in leadership

Five lessons learned in leadership

I talk about leadership a lot. And I have my own words that I use to help differentiate between leadership and management.  Leaders unite people for the good of the cause through vision, values and aligning to the plan. Managers nurture the uniqueness of each...

I’m a survivor: The experience

I’m a survivor: The experience

Being greeted with a bear hug by my fellow entrepreneur and friend Janine Allis told me that the experience of being on survivor had enriched her experience of life.  Now, this might sound odd – but in a nanosecond, I could feel a shift in her. That in the eight weeks...

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