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When Shark Tank judge Naomi Simson delivers a pitch for Start ups.

I was delighted to do several question and answer sessions for the Start Up community recently. At one of these sessions with Start Up Grind – I was asked to pitch my own business.

The question was asked how do you pitch RedBalloon? As the acting team leader for our RedBalloon for Business program? I had recently been working on how to build the story around what we do, and the impact we have.

I had created some slides for the team – as part of a reach out program to our business customers.

My intention was to:

  1. Build a sense of purpose and community
  2. Create emotional connection
  3. Ensure that there is a balance between story and facts.
  4. Develop relatedness and a call to action.

So perhaps you will be the judge. See how I go. It was a relatively small group in the Start Up group so I am a little passive. But perhaps you may learn something for your own business on how I build the ‘pitch’ around a business that many people know.

Let me know your thoughts.

PS Whilst parties might be out this year – the need to celebrate is definitely in – and buying local will be important.

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