Naomi Simson

I appear in a number of TV Shows

The TV Shows I have appeared in are generally business related.

We are all asked many questions about ‘what is it like to be on Shark Tank?’

As part of my journey as an entrepreneur I appear regularly in TV Shows and the media. Shark Tank is a TV show about entrepreneurship. Your Money is a show about business ownership and what is important to business leaders.

The National Press Club address was broadcast live on the ABC.

Over the years I have appeared on many different TV Shows on entrepreneurship. Including the Secret Millionaire. And The Entrepreneurs. I am always happy to be the role model to others. My entrepreneur journey has been full of twists and turns – and many life lessons. For more than 20 years I have been my own boss.

Shark Tank profiles start ups and would be entrepreneurs seeking investment. There have been many success stories from the TV show

Catch up on the TV Show blog posts

Six gold nuggets on great mentoring

Six gold nuggets on great mentoring

This morning was my mentoring morning...I allow one day once a month where I make sure I find the time to spend with upcoming entrepreneurs at all different stages on their journeys. I find it fascinating sharing my journey and learning about all various types of...

Great advocates for women – men

Great advocates for women – men

A few weeks ago I presented at the Marie Claire Success Summit. I was sharing with my partner Stuart King about the event – and mentioned that the Commissioner for Human Rights Elizabeth Broderick would be presenting and I asked him to come. Of the 350 attendees...

I am an entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur

A wonderful friend (Emma Isaacs) sent me this quote earlier today. It could be the entrepreneur's credo or manifest. What it did do for me when I read it - was to remind me, that whilst at the moment I might be very caught up in detail - I do it for a greater purpose....

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