Art for Sale

Art for Sale by Naomi Simson

What most people don’t know is that creativity is very much a part of who I am. I get lost in my paints, in the colour and texture. I am deeply curious.

As an entrepreneur and business owner I have a busy and sometimes ‘hectic’ work schedule. One of the places that I take myself to counter balance my busyness, is my painting studio. During early 2020 I took the time to reflect on my 30 year journey in paint. I present here a retrospective of my paintings. I share them in the spirit of understanding that not one thing defines us. That there are many aspects to what it is to be human. My business life, speaking, writing are my contribution.

I choose to have a busy life but on weekends I choose to spend hours and hours lost in the exploration of colour. This is a personal journey and on my bucket list is to one day hold a viewing or even an exhibition. As a girl I wanted to be an artist – but my art teacher at school said she could see me ‘starving in a garret, and famous after I was dead’ which lead me to a career in business. Life is full of twists and turns. My passion for paint continues. All of my paintings tell a story – I see something and I re imagine it. Light and colour dance. Click for details on commissions too.

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Commissioned Paintings 

I make the process easy and inclusive. Show me some pictures of where your painting will hang and then, we will discuss the colour palette and the size that will work for you. I am happy to share with you the process of creating your painting. It will be an ‘experience’.

After viewing Naomi’s paintings at a recent showing, I asked if I could commission her to paint a couple of pieces for me, as I had a particular requirement for a range of colours and size. I was excited when she shared the progress of the works with me, it made me feel even more connected with these amazing paintings, seeing them transform from a blank canvas to the finished works. Naomi invited me to visit her to view the works before I had them shipped to me in Melbourne. They say a picture paints a thousand words….the photo of myself standing in front of my paintings when I saw them for the first time , shows how happy and excited to see them. They are perfect and look amazing in my house and every day I am reminded of how truly wonderful this process was.
Fiona H


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Urban Nature Art

I might be walking the dog, or commuting to my work place. Light and colour in the city and suburbs inspire me. I look and see things and wonder what they would look like in paint.

This became a series of paintings inspired by leaves on the road after a rain storm. I looked at the water glistening, the vivid colours, the contrast of light and I wondered what they would look like in paint. It took me a number of weeks to build up the layers of colour. Starting with a black gesso on Belgian canvas. The colours are subtle and have tonal variation. Then I added a layer of oil pastels to give it in intricacy that is somehow inviting. As if there is more to discover and see. Most of my works have many layers to discover. In different light, with a different mood, at a different angle you might see a different story.
  • Spring painting 2- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Spring painting- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Flurry Painting- 830x830mm

    $4,800.00 GST
  • Spirit Painting- 830x830mm

    $4,800.00 GST

Ocean and Water Art

I have very much been inspired by the drone photography that we now see. It has given us a different view to the world. And the beach and sea have such alluring qualities.

Some of my first experiments with paint on canvas was exploring where land meets water. Looking at the edge of the country and how it seeps into the ocean which connects us to the rest of the planet. The beauty of the light dancing on the surface, whilst deep below the darkness of the unknown adds a certain mysterious element to each of my paintings. The frivolity of the beach, versus the dangers that the sea can represent. Storms, sunshine, wind and every natural element makes every painting a new adventure in discovery. To see my collection of water inspired paintings – click here.
  • Play painting- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Tranquility Painting- 830x830mm

    $4,800.00 GST
  • Beach Pebble Dance – 510 x 620mm

    $1,250.00 GST
  • Freshwater Beach – 940 x 940mm

    $3,800.00 GST

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Australian Outback Art

I feel fortunate to have sat in the desert with our first people and local communities to learn and discover a different way to look at the natural beauty of Australia.

My outback influence has come from the wonderful experiences of traveling to the centre of Australia many times. My first trips were as a child – and I will never forget the vivid colour of the red dust. Over the years I have returned many times to  different regions throughout the country. It is a unique and incredibly vivid land. It is so enticing. And as the sun moves across the sky the colours change. For many years I have created a collection inspired by my trips – and occasionally I have painted with the elders of our First People communities. Have a look here.
  • Bloom painting- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Mallee Rain painting- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Whisper Painting- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Outback Sands -940 x 940mm

    $3,800.00 GST

Australian Bush Art

The very first time I painted on canvas it was of the bush. The light and air, the sounds and the subtle colours continue to fascinate me. I have spent much time in the highlands and also in rainforests. The uniqueness keeps me curious and exploring.

Year after year I have sought to reproduce the mystery of the bush. The depth of the colours, the light and the moisture all mean that they are never static. I try to find the tiny pixels of colour that when we take a step back create a complete picture. I seek to represent the vastness and variety of this big continent. To see my Australian bush collection click here.
  • Wind painting- 530x530mm

    $1,650.00 GST
  • Dusk Australia – 1030x1030mm

    $6,680.00 GST
  • Rainforest Canopy – 210 x 210mm

    $495.00 GST
  • Mountain Top 1200 x 1200mm