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Every working person needs business advice. Whether you are in a company, enterprise or start up you can learn from other peoples’ business advice. Now I am not saying I have the answers to everything. What I am saying is that when we learn from other peoples’ business advice then perhaps we get a ‘step up’. A free kick.

I read a lot and go to many seminars and conferences. Part of my entrepreneurial journey is learning from trial and error. There are so many things to learn. For me I write them here in a selection of blog posts so that I can maybe assist others on his or her leadership journey.

It will be difficult for me to know which, if any, of these posts will touch move and inspire you to be a better leader. The thing is with business advice, or any advice for that matter, it only works if you adapt it to your owner circumstances. There is no quick fix. There is no easy way.


Reading my business advice blog posts might well help you find an answer that you did not know you were looking for.

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Catch up your business advice reading in the following chapters.

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I ask who can help… I want simplicity

I ask who can help… I want simplicity

I ask who can help… I want simplicity I don’t know anyone who is not ‘busy’, I am not the only one seems like one of the most popular search terms is #lifehack. But apparently you cannot hack everything, and nor do you want to. I am often asked how I fit it all in,...

Five marketing rules I live by

Five marketing rules I live by

Five top marketing rules It’s 20 years since I left my corporate marketing role to start my own show, and while the world of media has changed, the fundamentals have not shifted. Brands are created in the hearts of customers because they ‘feel’ something for your...

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