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I love a success story. As you may remember I met Scott in one of the earlier episodes of Channel Ten’s Shark Tank.  We have come such a long way in such a few months. Today, a Qantas plane packed full of the fabulous #HEGS left Australia bound for the US. This is such a moment for Scott Boocock and all his team – a great story of Aussie Innovation, Manufacturing and Export.
HEGS is your perfect example of homegrown excellence. When Scott came to the #Sharks he had just turned his business methodology into a more sustainable one, securing an Australian manufacturer after originally opting for an overseas player. Keeping the Australian economy strong…and who would have thought pegs would have been such a lucrative market!
It is also demonstrates that Shark Tank Australia has had such an impact on these businesses. (Even those that don’t get invested in – also get amazing exposure and I have heard great stories of what that exposure has meant.)
HEGS  was presented at an international homewares show in Chicago about six weeks ago just after the program aired. Having a connection with such a well respected show in the US certainly interested local buyers. HEGS was named as one of the top 10 products at the exhibition as a result.
This is the day that led to today’s very special Qantas flight carrying this precious cargo over to the US. The US distributor didn’t want to have to wait the 45 days for the products to be shipped to them, so they paid for an aircraft to fly them there quicker. Talk about interested!
HEGS Australia is a proud South Australian born company that is going places. What an exciting ride. Who ever would have thought I’d be in the ‘HEGS’ business.
This video was produced for our export market in Japan.


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