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After having a week off – because we were busy meeting new people at the #TVWeekLogies – we were back in the Shark Tank at the new time of 9.00 Sunday. I know this is a big family show – and that kids love talking about the program – there are still plenty of opportunities to watch it either on TenPlay or in one of the Encore airings. Here is the list:
Here are my notes from the set that I took during the recording. I love the variety and enthusiasm of our entrepreneurs. Another great round up of Australian Innovation.
Shark Tank S1 Ep 12 Three65 UnderwearThree65 – Did you hear Andrew say to Janine and I “Here’s your chance ladies to get into men’s underpants” surely not I must have imagined it. Seriously they could run a whole episode just on Andrew’s ‘dad’ jokes. Will Strange was confident, young and persistent. There was plenty of laughter in this pitch. But Will had another GPS business as well… how could we ensure that he stayed focused on this men’s underwear subscription business if we were to invest. The Founder’s enthusiasm is infectious.
Headvert – Now the three design guys with this product would rather that we not actually say what their invention is – and I get the reason for the secrecy. The more of a surprise it is – the more ‘viral’ it is likely to be. These guys were looking for a licensing partner – someone that take the product world wide while they continued in their day jobs. I saw an environment problem – and a legal one… though there presentation was very personal.
IMG_0160Supreme incursions – Taking pupils on school ‘excursions’ has become more difficult on many levels. From administration to public liability – hence the idea of ‘incursions’ was born. An educational experience for kids – and they don’t have to leave the school ground. The Founders were teachers and their business offers educational programs that come to the school – so it is like and excursion on site. Is it scalable?
Koja – Superfood ‘toppers’ Kate studied entrepreneurship and business and has been looking for ‘the idea’ – the product is tasty and she outsources production. Not yet full time in the business – but with 25 retail outlets she was pitching hard so she could get 100 retailers on board… there is so much upside to her business (but it is also in a highly competitive space – and building brand awareness is expensive).
Congratulations to all those that pitched tonight – great job.

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