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Australian Women – what we really want (and deserve)

In celebration of International Women’s Day (8 March) LinkedIn has released the ‘What Women Want @ Work’ global study. According to the study, the majority of Australian women (65 per cent) define professional success as having the right balance between work and personal life, and 68 per cent believe they can ‘have it all’. And […]

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The Game Gets Bigger

It’s been a big week at RedBalloon. We announced the appointment to CEO of  Kristie Buchanan, who has been acting in the role for 12 months. Our head of security Dexter was followed around by a film crew and featured on The Project on Channel Ten. And the news I really want to share here: We have […]

Does your sex determine your income?

[I first published this as part of the LinkedIn Thought Leaders] Being a woman means statistically I will be paid less! It is that simple. Surely it is not that hard to fix. Each year in Australia (usually around the time of International Women’s day) the government releases a report to say – yet again there […]

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Coming up this week 24 September 2012

Last week was all about being inspired by 800 other entrepreneurs from around the world. (In fact as I write this I am at Frankfurt airport waiting for my very long flight home.) I learned a lot, and I also learned that what we are doing at RedBalloon is absolutely on par with the best […]

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Coming Up this week 27 August 2012

Last week was a great week of learning – Early in the week I attended the Entrepreneurs Organization event with Tessa Marshall on ‘Powerful Conversations’. Later that day the deputy commissioner of NSW Police – Catherine Burn (and National Telstra Business Woman of the year 2011) spoke at a RedBalloon lunch and learn about her […]

Luddites versus common sense

Townsville is a long way physically from where I sit at my workplace in Sydney – but when I read a news article headed ‘Comments on Women create Furor’ which appeared in the Townsville Bulletin – I thought it is not just 2000kms away – more like a century a way. “TOWNSVILLE identity Max Tomlinson […]

Men are ‘assertive’ – Women are ‘bossy’

I recently was forwarded an article called ‘The End of Men’ which originally appeared in July 2010 – and is clearly very well researched. It is long but interesting. (And no menfolk are still very much loved, adored and needed the dramatic title is clearly designed to get our attention). This US centric article focuses […]

Coming up this week 12 Mar 2012

It was great to be on my feet last week, a busy week of International Womens Day events – sharing the RedBalloon journey and the things we have learned. A highlight was attending this years Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year event. A massive congratulation to Maryanne Shearer, founder of T2 as this years […]

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Coming Up this week 5 March 2012

It seems that International Women’s day started early this year. I have had a busy week sharing my thoughts on women in leadership and innovation. In addition to the panel mentioned in the previous blog, I did a keynote for the Testra marketing team and chatted to Linda Mottram on ABC 702 Sydney on the […]

Chaos is Normal

I found myself part of a panel at the Australian British Chamber of Commerce International Women’s day event. I look around me: Ticky Fullerton of ABC Lateline is interviewing Cathy Harris AO PSM – Chairman Harris Farm Markets, Helen Conway, Director of the Equal Opportunities for Women in the Workplace Agency… and myself. We have […]

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3 insights on why we lack women leaders

I was forwarded a news article this week about Facebooks #2 leader: Sheryl Sandberg. She had been at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland – on the eve of Facebooks listing announcement. She has been quoted as saying women need to aim high “Keep your foot on the gas pedal.” I was curious to […]