Hiring quality employees

Do you know anyone who needs a job?

Hiring quality employees As season three of Shark Tank inches closer to a screen near you, it is worth reflecting on the ‘story’ of each Shark. I suggest that one of the reasons we were chosen was our ability to empathise greatly with those pitching, as we are all ‘self made’. All five of us […]

What I’ve learned – 22 May 2017

Digital marketing: how to grow your business using Facebook? It’s imperative that as business owners we’re across all possible customer acquisition platforms – the thing is that they change so quickly. There’s a plethora of information out ‘there’ about digital marketing, especially in relation to social media giant, Facebook. So, in order to conquer the metaphorical Facebook advertising […]

What I’ve Learned – 15 May 2017

Keep it moving forward As business morphs at the speed at light and technology and artificial intelligence gain complexity before our very eyes, we as business owners are being pulled in several directions. Combine that demanding pull with the very prevalent rise of being ‘present’, ‘centred’ and remaining focused and suddenly, we are in a melting pot of go, […]

The Worst Mothers Advice

What stories did the mothers of entrepreneurs tell them

The Worst Advice our Mothers gave us As Mother’s Day inches closer – this Sunday 14th May – it is time to reflect on the contribution our mothers have made to us. I thought I’d ask some fellow founders, to share what was the worst advice (or blatant lies) you’ve ever received from your Mum? My […]

best business advice

What I’ve learned – 8 May 2017

Best Business Advice My blog theme for the month, as the title suggests, is ‘Best Business Advice’. Throughout my career I’ve had many people offer ‘nuggets of gold’ that have benefited me greatly, unbeknownst to them. That’s the amazing thing about advice, you never know what’s going to stick with someone. All month I’ll be […]

The Future of Work for business owners

The Future of SMEs After reading the findings of a recent SmartCompany research study, titled ‘The SME of the future’, I found the shifts in key trends for business owners that they highlighted, fascinating. The study acknowledged that the nature of work has changed and as a result, so has our notion of personal time. As business […]

start up challenges

Start Up challenges… reality check up!

Start Up Challenges Whilst I share much of what I learned from my own business experiences, the reality is I learn as much if not more from other founders and business owners that I meet. The energy of a founder (especially a startup founder) is infectious as well as all consuming: the passion, the exhilaration […]

What I’ve learned – 24 April 2017

TV Week Logies 2017 Last night at the Logies I watched on as Kerri-Anne Kennerley was inducted into the TV Week Logies Hall of Fame. In her address she spoke to her success at longevity in the media business, which I believe actually spans all industries. She quoted Charles Darwin who said: It is not the strongest of the species […]