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Where I am – Newsletter 27 March 2017

Small Business Community One of the best things about what I get to do is the people that I meet. I had some wonderful conversations this week – I guess if there is an overall theme – the people I meet are curious, interested and working hard. No one expects ‘success’ to fall in their […]

Sydney Swans Ambassador

In the Blood: Sydney Swans Ambassador

Sydney Swans Ambassador I was recently invited to be an ambassador of the Sydney Swans which might be one of the easiest roles I have ever had to play. The season is about to commence and I recently shared with the club my thoughts about the game (and a bit of background to my involvement) […]

Naomi Simson Family

I don’t know how ‘she’ does it

Parenting and small business success This article first appeared as part of my LinkedIn Collection. We are all ‘busy’, but when you add parenting to the mix.. that adds a whole new dimension to the definition of ‘busy’ – chaos springs to mind. I have often reflected that my 30s (when my children were small) […]

Where I am – update 20 March 2017

Getting to know each other Thanks to those people who jumped on to my first Private Group Live. This really helps me work out what is of most interest. Clearly growth, marketing and sales are of interest – (for those who didn’t see it, it’s in the group for later viewing). I’ll announce the next […]

lessons from top ceos

What can Small Business learn from Big Business CEOs

Lessons from top CEOs What can Small Business learn from Big Business CEOs? We buy from them, we sell to them, and we can learn from them. We have a symbiotic relationship with big business – we are all part of the same eco-system and we need each other. But is life in big business […]

Where I am – update 13 March 2017

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, LinkedIn Influencer & TV personality I am back home to Sydney after a busy week. The first half saw me in Sydney speaking all things #IWD, whilst the second half had me travelling the country sharing my thoughts on leadership, customer experience and entrepreneurship.  I was in Melbourne as part of my role […]

CHOICE Australia makes a choice to be a best employer

Employer of Choice CHOICE has been advising consumers since last century about the efficacy of the broadest range of products. As a child, my father would receive his monthly subscription to the magazine – each month opening it with glee and reading (often out loud) to us the reviews on household products. I always wondered […]

How female founders fare on Shark Tank Australia.

How female founders fare on Shark Tank Australia Another year has passed and it is International Women’s Day #IWD again and the media will commentate on the gender pay gap, the lack of women in leadership, and the continued unconscious bias against women in many areas of the work landscape. What about female founders and […]

Where I am – Update 6 March 2017

Have you a question? Thanks to those people who inbox me at with questions, requests and offers… but in some ways, as I attempt to answer your questions one-by-one I realise there may be many other people who could benefit from the answer. It’s with that in mind, that I chose to setup a […]

innovation lessons for small business owners

The seven traits of an innovator

Innovation lessons for small business owners I am often engaged to speak about innovation and strategy… not in an academic sort of way, people want to know how I took an idea and turned it into reality. One thing (unfortunately) that we do know is that most start-up businesses never reach the heights that match […]