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The only thing that is constant in my life is being on the move.

I was asked by LinkedIn to share ‘where and how’ I work… Maybe this request was inspired by Marissa Mayers demand for the Yahoo employees to stop telecommuting and come to the office. [I think she may well have been taken a little out of context. I know the importance of feeling a part of the team – and if I am out and about the whole time I get disconnected. Marissa has a big job to do as such she needs the team be connected and united]. Flexibility is key to employee engagement – but flexibility cannot be to the detriment of the company.
This was my response to the LinkedIn editors request:
I work anywhere and everywhere – some of my most impactful blogs have been written on aircraft or waiting at airports. Or, as above, at the hairdresser’s. Whilst I work “technically” at the RedBalloon office, my leadership team say that I am “better out than in”. Which means my job is to be out and about – meeting people and building networks for the business.
This picture is taken at one of the RedBalloon experience suppliers’ locations. This week, I have visited three different places, ‘mystery shopping’ and checking the experience. This is not part of my official role – but I find that being on the move and meeting different people gives me inspiration to write.
My family is number one in my life, my children cannot remember the time before we started RedBalloon – they have grown up with it, as well as being very much a part of it. I used to have to go to their teachers at the beginning of each year and say if my child says “they were in a helicopter on the weekend – they probably were”… just so they didn’t think my kids were telling tall tales.
My children are used to mummy grabbing a moment to write a few words. My daughter was happy to have me working next to her whilst she did this hair makeover experience. After all shared experience is what I am all about – and it is the inspiration for my writing.

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