Will and Saxon from Year13

Saxon and Will from Year13

One of the great things about being a ‘Shark’ on Network TEN’s Shark Tank (returning soon) is that I get ‘pitched’ regularly – well maybe people are just sharing their fantastic ideas with me. One thing I can do is to support these businesses by letting other people know how great they are – so once a month I will give you a selection of some of the great Start Ups that I have been introduced to.

So here are a few of the businesses I learned a little bit about in March:

Year13: I had the pleasure of meeting Saxon and Will in the Amazon on our Unstoppables adventure and they had lots to tell me about the work they are doing to “change the game” for school leavers. Faced with the question as soon as you walk out of the school graduation gates of: “what are you going to do now?” young people can be incredibly confronted, scared, worried and these questions can trigger a variety of emotions for someone who is arguably not equipped with the resolve and life experience to work through the challenge. The boys have created a platform designed to assist school leavers and offer them a world they did not know was possible; opportunities they did not know existed.


Easy interface for Muru Music

Muru Music: I learned from the Founder, Nicolas, that they are a small, seed-stage, music start-up. They are searching for the answer to being able to “automagically” enjoy the perfect music appropriate for that moment. The problem they are trying to solve is: What if, rather than just disliking a song, you are asked—”What don’t you like about it?” The team are on the hunt for a recommendation engine that takes that into consideration when selecting the next track, and all of a sudden we (as music listeners) have a sense of ownership…Because we influenced it.
kin2kin: This app appeals to me so much principally because of what they are trying to achieve….community, belonging, togetherness. The app started as a project to connect grandparents with grandchildren. The result has been far more powerful than that, connecting extended family and friends “as-good-as-kin”. It is free, simple and private – and it’s intention is beautifully simple. I love what they are doing in the world of disconnectedness and remoteness.
I will be sharing a few companies at this time each month with you…Australia offers some incredible examples of innovation; entrepreneurship and examples of “changing the game” – it is a privilege to learn more about what new businesses are making waves.

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