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image2Did you wake up on this Monday morning full of excitement, filled with purpose, and powered by positivity – set to work on the ‘One Thing’? Is it that you perhaps feel a little exhausted after the weekend? Perhaps you spent the weekend racing around trying to get ‘everything done’ such as attend every event you were invited to, meeting all the friends you haven’t seen in yonks or catching up on reading, or emails and work you did not get to during the week – how much of ‘you’ did your family get? Not enough?
The hardest thing sometimes in working out what your ‘One Thing’ is, is working out what to say ‘No’ to… I am increasingly aware that the to do list is endless… and as such I have to look at the list in light of ‘what will assist moving the one thing forward?’. Simply put, I must relax on the weekend, re-energize but more importantly, have some laughs with the family – who during the week often just see me as a red blur, rushing from one thing to the next.
Right now my focus is about #ReadyToSoar. It is head down, writing and planning time – with the publicists, marketing people and of course my own team.
However, in saying that, I can only sit still for so long! This week is full of travel, new audiences, exciting content and of course more work on #ReadyToSoar:
Monday: In planning my week, I ask that all my bi-weekly contact calls with my Shark Tank companies sit all on the one day. Rather than taking them in between meetings where my focus can be on all different things on the same day, my preference is to be in the ONE head space on Mondays. That way everyone gets my full attention…and I can be sure I am ‘time blocking.’
Tuesday: Day of writing, blogging, and following up with people who have contacted me.

Wednesday: I am off to the Gold Coast to speak to Allianz..I’ll be talking about the road to success in a changing world. My intention is to leave the audience feeling empowered, feeling ready for not just this week’s focus but the bigger picture…and reminding them of my motto ‘If it is meant to be it is up to me’.
Thursday: I will be in Melbourne, this time speaking to Siemens, at an internal Conference. I will be talking all things customer experience – sharing vivid stories of building customer intimacy in a world of digital connection.
Friday: I am back to the Gold Coast for the Leading Property Managers Australia Annual Conference. The theme for this week is all about success, empowering others, inspiring people to be the best version of themselves.
Ask yourself what is your ‘one thing’ this week – perhaps it is about connecting with the people who you love… and those who love you.

Dexter enjoying his naps

My buddy will get lot’s of walks and love when I return from my week of travel… it’s the important things


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