Shark Tank Season 3 Finale

The time has come and we are already at the finale of this season in the Tank. And as they say, last but not least…
Jimalie Coconut ProductsJimalie Coconut Products
Jaypee is first up into the Tank seeking $85k for 20% equity in his business of high quality coconut products. Inspired by his son’s autism to find a healthier way of eating, he has gone back to his native Philippines to find a natural and divine product. His extensive product range is stocked in 450 chemists and health food stores across Australia. With an extensive product range, Jaypee has given up his job and put his life savings into the venture however he keeps telling us about all the mistakes he has made… Can the Shark look beyond this?
Shark Tank S3 Jimalie Coconut Products
Find My FutureFind My Future
Next up we have Fergus who is pretty keen on convincing us that his app idea is a world first. He comes to the Tank seeking $300k for a 25% stake in his company valuing his business at $1.2 million. The idea connects high school students to careers advice based on answering questions in the app. I know for a fact that there are other players in this space, so I wonder what justifies such a high valuation?
Shark Tank S3 Find My Future

Fresh Meals 2 UFresh Meals 2 U
Rick and Tracy, husband and wife duo from the Gold Coast, are here looking for a $150k investment for 10% of their business. As a family business, Fresh Meals 2 U caters to time poor people looking for healthy, wholesome meals. They’re currently producing 5000 meals a week and are looking to scale beyond Southern Queensland, will the Sharks get on board?
Shark Tank S3 Fresh Meals 2 U
Ecto HandplanesEcto Handplanes
Chris has come into the Tank to pitch his idea — recycled old surf boards into hand boards for body surfing. With a bunch of design awards to his name, Chris has come to us looking for $100k for 20% of his business. He’s being growing Ecto as a hobby business over the last few years… as he’s not working on it full time, has this founder missed his wave?
Shark Tank S3 Ecto Handplanes
And just like that, it’s a wrap! What a season it has been — it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know and hear so many stories from the entrepreneurs pitching this season.
Images courtesy of Network Ten.

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