Ecto Handplanes: Too good to swim past

When Chris came into the Tank and said ‘In this case Sharks and Surfers are a perfect match’, or something like that, I think he is probably right.
Chris from Ecto Handplanes is all about design. As he hands each of us our very own sample, whilst we sit on set I cannot help but stroke it and I can imagine it planing effortlessly through the waves. I think ‘what a perfect gift’ and so does Janine (she actually bought four directly on set — one for each of her offspring).
Chris needed help in everything — from contracts, distribution, logistics, to manufacture. I know people who know people… and I’m thinking I know I can introduce him to the right people.
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As I have worked with Chris over the time, since Shark Tank filmed, we have set about planning for the future – not limiting the forecast or opportunity based on what he could do personally.
A large part of creating the big vision was to work out what Chris was the world’s best at (design) and finding someone else who was world’s best at the business management side of operations.
Since filming the show, I introduced him to a logistics partner and they have sorted through all the details, manufacture under licences, logistics, promotion, distribution, cash flow. The plan has been set in place — the stage is set.
Retailer David Jones continues to sell the Ecto Handplanes, as does independent surf shops.
Our journey together is just beginning… but what a delight it is to work with such a wonderful Australian innovator, and help his dreams come to fruition.
Images courtesy of Network Ten.

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