Shark Tank Bitcoin Scam

Beware of Bitcoin scams! We have been made aware multiple times that advertisements are claiming that we – the Shark Tank investors – are associated with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platforms. This is absolutely false and I thought it was important to make it clear that all legitimate Shark Tank pitches can be found on my seasonal Shark Tank blogs which can be accessed here. If it is not in this list it has never appeared. Don’t be fooled by these fake advertisements. If you do see anything that looks odd (our show is on air Tuesdays on TEN and is very much in full swing) please Report these fake ads from scammers. This is how:

Reporting a scam on Google

  1. Visit this URL:
  2. Follow the prompts.

Shark Tank Bitcoin Scamming

Reporting a scam on Facebook It is very easy to report the scam advertisements on Facebook, you simply:

  1. hover over the ellipsis (three dots) in the right-hand corner of the post
  2. click ‘report ad’ (see image below).

shark-tank-bitcoin-scam Reporting a scam on Yahoo! On Yahoo! I spotted a fake ad this morning saying that Shark Tank had been cancelled – completely false! The headline was simply clickbait sending people to a bitcoin scam… I have also seen them on Gumtree and sites from the UK. Shark Tank Bitcoin Scam You can report on Yahoo! by hovering over the top right-hand corner of the image and clicking ‘I don’t like this ad’ (see image below). Shark Tank Bitcoin Scam Please, if you do see these fake advertisements report them! And be aware that you can always check my blog where I document every pitch aired on Shark Tank Australia.

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