Shark Tank Season 4 Episode 4

Here we go again! Tonight in the Tank we have some truly unique innovations, trendsetting foods, fantastic stories and some enviable ‘jobs’…

First to face the Sharks is:

Koda Sail

Chris has a job that plenty of people would envy – travelling around the Dalmatian coast in Croatia for the whole European summer, having a whale of a time. Starting out in 2012 as a tour guide, Chris saw a gap in the market for travel tours accommodating young professionals. His first tour departed in 2015 and now in 2018 he has 9 tour departures booked for 2018 with near to none advetising. Chris is asking the Sharks for 180k for 10% in his business valuing his business at $1.8 million and is looking to take his brand global. He currently only works 10 weeks of the year and is ready to push out of his comfort zone. It all sounds very appealing, who will jump in the travel game?

Shark Tank Koda Sail


Rachel has brought with her to the Tank to pitch us a unique product – ear protection against unwanted hair dye, water and chemicals running in our ear canals. She is after $350k for 25% investment in her business valuing EarSox at $1.4 million! Originally from Switzerland, Rachel has been in Australia for 17 years and has tenaciously sourced a manufacturer in China. Rachel has invested a considerable amount of money thus far… will the Sharks see the benefit in her invention?

Shark Tank EarSox

From Scotland to Melbourne, Crag has created what he believes is the next big food trend in Australia – Donugs – a mix between a chicken nugget and a donut! With Rachel, his wife who’s a chef, Crag couldn’t have scored better and together they’ve created a special kind of delicacy. Through their first two events they sold 1000 donugs at $9 per item and ended up with a nice profit. Off the back of those events, they’ve got plenty more in the pipeline. Looking to scale up into manufacture and move overseas and to do so, Crag is asking for 100k for a 20% investment in their company. The question is… do Sharks like the taste of Donugs?

Shark Tank Donugs

Jack from ISR Training and Recruitment is one smooth operator. An absolute go getter, Jack is originally from Birmingham, UK, and has set up a sales training and recruitment organisation that has helped 3500 people enter or grow their career in sales around the Gold Coast. Alongside his business partner Ryan, they have a mission to assist young people tap into their skills and won Young Entrepreneur Gold Coast award in 2017. Jack was also a finalist in the Gold Coast Citizen of the Year award – a commendable feat. After operating for three years they are running at a solid profit with an expected turnover this financial year of 900k not to mention the 14 million gross revenue projection in three years. To reach their goals, Jack is here asking for a 125k investment for 20% of their business… which Shark do you think will jump in on their journey?

ISR Training
Shark Tank ISR Training

Another week in the Tank under our belt! Always remember that you can catch up on the episodes at Ten Play and shop the Shark Tank products here

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