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Shark Tank Products

I’m really excited to launch our complete range of Shark Tank products on with Shark Tank back for Season Four on Tuesday 8:30pm on Ten!

It actually becomes really hard to find the products featured on Shark Tank because all the companies have their own retail or distribution strategies.

So we decided to set about putting the collections together for season one, two and three and as we roll out the episodes season four, products will become available. Of course, we haven’t got them all because some of them might not be in production. But we have the line share of pitches and products that you see on Shark Tank so that you can source them.

We also have blog posts from every single episode with links to the original website of that particular entrepreneur. If ever you see anything in the public domain that says it was on Shark Tank, you can always search on… if it’s not there I can guarantee it has not appeared on Shark Tank Australia.

I promise you we have never seen anything to do with Bitcoin and I’m rather over all the spam and fake news going on at the moment…

So, be sure to keep an eye out and come to the single source of fantastic Shark Tank products and support Australian innovators on

Shark Diving

Andrew Banks and I were on Studio 10 earlier this week promoting the launch of Shark Tank Season Four which returns this Tuesday evening following Masterchef.

Andrew did a Shark Dive (pictured above) and was asking why I didn’t want to get in and get my hair wet… The thing is, I’ve already swum with sharks!

It was May of 2009, it was very cold and I remember being given the brief: breathe and don’t touch the animals. I distinctly remember when I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was a stingray the size of a queen bed mattress and I just thought ‘oh my gosh, what if the animals touch me’?! I turned my head and saw a shark coming over my shoulder and all I could see was its vicious looking teeth and I was thinking ‘Oh No!’… right at that moment a tiny, little fish bumped into my leg. Well… that was all it took. The regulator came out of my mouth and the only two things I had been told to do — breathe and not touch the animals — I had failed on both counts in 33 seconds flat. So when Andrew asked why I wasn’t getting in the tank with him, all I could think was ‘what if that happens again and it goes on television?!’…

Naomi Simson Shark Tank Dive

So, as you can see, I have done the Shark Tank Dive before and it was really great to see Andrew in the Tank enjoying a RedBalloon experience as well. RedBalloon has partnered for years with Shark Dive at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium for years. Have you experienced a shark dive yet?

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