Shark Tank Australia Series 3 Episode One

Here we are back in The Tank for the third season! I’m back on set with my fellow Sharks are we’re eagerly awaiting to hear pitches from our next potential business partners…
CancerAidCancerAid — First up we have Nik, Raghav and Martin of CancerAid. These three cancer doctors get together thinking there must be a better way. Having diagnosed thousands of patients they know the struggle and isolation for patients and families that comes with a diagnosis. The business model is sophisticated their passion has already translated into 100s of thousand of app downloads… they have already raised funds and have a $5m valuation coming in to the tank. Since visiting the tank, Nik has written a blog post titled “The Naomi Simson Effect”, which you can read here.
Mini Clones
Mini Clones — Next up we have Barry who’s already invested 300k in setting up this unique 3D printing business. We’re not sure how he will get customers or who will buy his product… but we are pretty intrigued by his 3D models of each of the Sharks… question is: do they look anything like us?
iRecruit — Alex comes into the Tank presenting a recruitment tool for Small Business – but this founder gets the Sharks offside pretty quickly. Only offering 2.5% of his business and pre-revenue, we wonder what his true intentions really are…
Strange Grains
Strange Grains — Jenny is an anthropologist by background, and into her mid-sixties she realised that you could not get any decent tasting gluten free bakery products. So, she took the bull by the horns and invented her secret baking ‘starch’. Now she has lines out the doors and is about to open a new baking facility and a shop. Jenny thinks revenues will be well over $1m but now that she’s in her 70’s she wants to really scale her business but thinks it would be much easier with a Shark to help her…
What a first episode! Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season pans out and what investments are made… until next week.
Shark Tank Strange Grains
PS Before I go, here’s a close up of our Mini Clones that I snapped backstage… Which clone wins?

Mini Clones
Images courtesy of Network Ten.

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