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Celebration time

Things have been non-stop in my camp this past week as I’ve been on the press trail in the lead up to the premiere of Shark Tank last Tuesday night — and what a night it was. It is always so exciting to watch the brave people who come and pitch their ideas to us in the Tank. To stand up and pitch in front of the five of us, it takes bravery… so bravo to all of them. It makes me ponder the concept of fear and its position as a fundamental driving factor in our behaviour as humans. I have watched and observed the internal heights that people scale to go after their dreams — and that sense of determination really is commendable.
So… after the last (simply massive) few weeks, I can now finally take a breath and celebrate. But as we know, business never stops, and the show must go on!

Thought of the Week

Thought of the Week

What I’m Reading

Here’s an article for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs: A 5-Step Mini-Guide to Launch a Profitable Startup.
Just because other people have limiting beliefs does not mean you need to… How to Train Your Brain to Get What You Want in 60 Days.
6 Ways to Uncover Your Personal Zone of Genius — “The greatest work of your life is inside you. Give it the fertile soil it needs to see the light of day. Plant the seeds today for who you eventually want to become and you’ll open yourself up to an infinite set of possibilities”.

On the Blog

It’s been a busy week for me — to catch up on my recap of the first episode of season three Shark Tank, head here.

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

In the Media

Me on the other Sharks: “Look, we have a great deal of respect for each other but it is a bit of a game of cat and mouse between us”: The West Australian ‘Shark Eat Shark’
I spoke to Tim and Dee Dee from the Morning Mix:
I spoke to David Prior from Lifestyle Overnight:
It’s still strange seeing yourself on national television but here I am on some of my favourite programs The Project and Have you been paying attention?

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