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What an amazing first series of Shark Tank Australia – Channel Ten and Shine Australia did a sterling job of bringing together such an amazing variety of inventors and entrepreneurs. I have been delighted to hear the impact that the show has had on people dreaming about their ‘big idea’.
Is this my favourite episode – maybe? You can see how much we banter between the Sharks. Respectful with a slight jab Here are my notes from episode fifteen.
Sonsee Woman – comfortable and attractive tights and stockings for the larger woman. Vanessa came on with three models wearing the product and her pitch was focused and passionate. She did not let her nerves get in the way. The male sharks asked great business questions – but what I wanted to know was how did her product make the customer feel? She was so articulate and vivid in her description of the experience of most large sized tights rolling down and cutting in. I got it – every woman delights in feeling beautiful and special – and if you’re comfortable that is a step forward. I hate it when tights roll down at the top. Then it was time to negotiate.
Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 3.16.02 pmMr Browne – Fake tan for men without the smell of the female product. The women who founded this business brought out a model to show the product. They said “And this is what you get with our product!” I piped up “Oh a six pack” – apparently not. Is there are market for men’s self-tanning products – we had plenty of debate about that. I wondered what chemical’s were it the product – but mores the point could I work with these women? They talked quickly and over each other – as I did point out. I gave them some sound business advice. The WWW of business – who is doing what by when.
Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 3.27.50 pmBryces – Single room studio accommodation in Gunnedah NSW, – Looking for just under $2million in capital to build only 8 units. Bryce had been in travel for most of his working life… I was not convinced on how he would fill the rooms. Steve said they looked like men’s workers huts – which I thought was a bit harsh, John took that as a good sign that if Steve didn’t like them other people would. Sometimes I really have to stop myself from giggling. There is plenty of respectful banter between the sharks.
Those Girls – Currently they are selling ice tea (which they brew at home) at market stalls and events. They have a great and profitable business. But they were presenting it to the sharks because they wanted to start bottling the product. I thought that they could access the market differently by signing people up for subscriptions at the market SHARK TANK S1 EP15 THOSE GIRLSrather than going via usual distribution channels. They are looking for a bottler and also are working through the process of making sure the bottle product tastes the same as the product they brew themselves. This was the very last pitch of the season – so we took our time and had plenty of laughs on the set.
And that is a wrap!
Naomi Simson Shark Tank behind the scenes

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