Turn you brilliant idea into a business you love. (2016)

In Store May 2016
I’m very pleased that all the hard work over the last number of months is coming to fruition…. I had locked myself away, put my head down, and answered the question I get asked the most. Okay so it might take 86,000 words to do so… the ‘question’ has so many implications – to do it justice I had to look at it from many angles.
I would say that one of the questions I get the most is “should I start a business?” Now I can’t answer that, what people are really saying is “Am I cut out to be an entrepreneur?” At any given point more than 10% of adult Australians are considering ‘an innovative idea that could be the next big thing’…. Do you have an idea, you think it might have potential — perhaps people will even spend their hard-earned cash on it … if you could just get started. In Ready to Soar,  I show you how to develop your brilliant idea into a thriving business.
Whether you want to make oodles of money, help create a better world or simply become your own boss, Ready to Soar can help. You will learn how to avoid the pitfalls that many start-up businesses make, formulate your ideas, make plans and develop your individual road map for success.
First, I look at how to create possibility and opportunity for your idea, but also how to be pragmatic and realistic about its potential. I share from my own experience (the ups, downs and side way moves) and that of the many business founders I have mentored, coached, invested in and learned from.
I’ll help you sort out what step to take first, and travel with you right through to the launch of your business. Of course I take a big look at how to pitch, I qualify what a pivot is and sort out your funding and finance – well at least share what sort of options are available to you, as well as encouraging you to explore what real success looks like.
You’ll be challenged to think through things that might never have occurred to you, I do reveal the questions I wishes people had asked me all those years ago.
Ready to Soar will help you turn your dream into a reality.
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