The question I am asked a lot is “what do you do now that you are not the CEO of RedBalloon?” Whilst life is busy, it is not chaotic – it is purposeful.
Last I visited Barnardos Australia’s Auburn Centre. It enables families in crisis to get the help they need all in the one place – an extended family if you wish. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Centre Manager, Mary Haiek. She has worked directly with hundreds of families in crisis over the past 10 years and has witnessed the benefits of integrated service delivery first hand. The overarching purpose of the visit was for fellow Ambassador Jacinta and I, to immerse ourselves in  the work of Barnardos Australia in the local community, and to meet the team working on the flagship Mother of the Year campaign.
Tuesday had me at The Star for their International Women’s Day event with Sally Obermeder and Greg Hawkins – a fabulous event celebrating inspiring women.
By Wednesday I found myself in Auckland, having the privilege of speaking to 200 odd CFO’s at the NZ CFO Summit. I met and heard Shaun Rean talk about the rise of consumerism in China and the massive business opportunity that that represents.
On Thursday, still in Auckland, I set myself to work catching up on all things RedBalloon New Zealand we have many many new suppliers joining the range and many new big initiatives about to launch. It was great to be waving the #redballoon flag.
talking all things entrepreneurial and innovation. His great passion for financial independence is infectious.

The weekend saw me at #TasteofSydney with the incredible RedBalloon team – what a huge job they did getting the classes arranged so Sydney could get a taste of what RedBalloon can offer by way of dining and culinary experiences – we aren’t just good for skydiving! – why don’t you check out the website for some more fab ideas? I got to taste Chef Justin Cincotta’s beautiful food from The Thievery. It was a real treat!

This Week:
Monday – Briefing for the Paralympics fund raiser, Redii team meeting, walk and talk team – Sydney
Tuesday – Local Government Conference  – Brisbane
Wednesday – Meeting with Ready to Soar publisher – Sydney
Thursday – Special Olympics breakfast and Domino’s lunch – Brisbane
Friday– Recording Podcast for Ready to Soar launch – Sydney
Cheese tasting!

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