People have asked me: where to you get your determination and drive? Is it nature or nurture? One thing I know is that my father had a great influence on who I am. And as Fathers Day fast approaches in Australia, I thought it time to publicly acknowledge him.

My Dad, taught me the definition of motivation… that simple. He worked hard, laughed loud, and pursues his passions single-mindedly.

My Dad, taught me to dream big, to play full out and that I could do anything if I put my heart to it.
My Dad always believed in me – even when I did not believe in myself
I have never thought that people took me seriously. It is as if my need to ‘prove’ myself has fuelled my relentless pursuit to create a best work place, for growth and for being “world-famous” for what we do. To show all those people that said to me “you can’t” – that in fact I can.
If I hear a story of someone who has overcome the odds, worked hard, focused, fulfilled on his or her word – and has been relentless in changing the world to make it a better place – I feel unbelievably inspired and uplifted – this started with the stories my Dad would share about the ‘olden days’
My Dad started his business from home (which he ran successfully for 30 years) when my sister and I were full time students (and in those days we used to fight over the one phone line at home).
My motto is “if it is meant to be, it is up to me” That is my Dad to a tee – he is always the first one to help – to pitch in and contribute.
On a practical note – Thanks to my father for a touch-typing course in my last year of Uni (He said if my career in business did not work out I could always get a job as a typist – true story) – Dad always had a back up plan. He is an engineer after all.
Thanks to Business Chicks Latte Magazine for starting this conversation – join me in sharing – what did your Dad teach you? To kick us off:

“My father’s saying, ‘The harder you work, the luckier you get.'” Professor Fiona Wood

Photo from my private collection – My dad and I on his 75th birthday

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