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069bc0dAs I said in a recent LinkedIn post I came across an article from The Guardian entitled The dark side of work place happiness. Of course this peaked my attention – if you took out the words ‘work place’ you end up with “The dark side of happiness”. “What on earth could be the dark side of happiness?” I asked myself. Perhaps if we are having a good time then others will see this and be envious. Happiness does not in fact work like that – happiness has been proven by researchers in numerous studies to be infectious.

I read with interest the three part series (trying very hard not to come to with an open mind).

  1. The author claims that privacy could be an issue. I would argue at the very core of an employees ability to connect to a business (and be engaged) is that people know who they are. If someone was having a ‘down’ few months then as an employer I would like to know – so that I can best support that person. Depression is often triggered when a person feels completely alone… a caring friend at work helps mitigate this. Respect the individual – yes, don’t pry – yes, but happiness is created through shared experience and connection – and that is for good times and tough times.
  2. A growing market for ‘consultants’. Often external people can bring a different perspective and focused skills to the issue at hand. I believe this is why so many HR professionals call on recruitment consultants. And like that industry there are some better than others. Like all services you engage, you will check the credentials and track record – including our own at Redii and of course I have a vested interest. As one industry expert out of the US said to me recently “You are world famous in Australia for recognition.”
  3. Being Happy might not be professional. I’d like to know where in the ‘Rule Book of Business’ it is stated “Thou shall not have fun at work?” I wanted to work in a place I wanted to work in. I spent many years of my career working in places which were sole destroying. Where I worked long long hours – and no one ever said thank you. As a best employer for five years – I can guarantee you that we are not running a kindergarten – in fact to the contrary we challenge people to do their best work. And then we celebrate their achievements through recognition.

Happiness is a productivity tool. If you are happy, have a friend at work, some one notices what you do – then guess what – you go home feeling like a winner… and happiness is shared. The world is a better place.

I love this little video clip which tells the story so simply.


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  • Happiness:
Think less, Feel more;
Frown less, Smile more;
Judge less, Accept more;
Watch less, Do more;
Complain less, Appreciate more;
Fear less, Love more....
Give it a crack 😎on a weekend like this what's to stop you! #naturalbeauty #happiness
  • Friday drinks must be here soon surely ... or I'm out! #friyay
  • In the 90s I left my cushy job at Apple.

I’d be a squillionaire if I still had my stock options.

I don’t regret it. Here's why:

After 10 years of corporate, I wanted to ‘do my own thing’. I started with freelance marketing.

My strategy? Hard work and build strong brands.

It seemed to work - new clients came from referrals.

But after 18 months, I came to a realisation:

All my clients wanted was “more customers”, not complex branding plans.

SO I thought I’d build a brand of my own. Something to get them “more customers”. RedBalloon was born. The purpose? Give people amazing experiences.

16 years on, RB has delivered 3.8 million customers to 2000 small businesses.

Now, when I give talks, I always get the same question: “How did you build such a strong brand?” Funny how it comes full circle.

I can’t answer that with a time limit.

Though I think I found a way - an online course. “How to Build your Business Brand” - years of experience in one place (link in bio if interested). But, that’s not the point of this post.

If I stayed with Apple I’d be unbelievably wealthy.

Quitting was still the best thing I’ve ever done.

So if you want to take a leap of faith, do it.

All I ask you is this:

Trust yourself and never underestimate the power of brand.
  • #tbt the originals circa 2004 🎈 it reminds that an entrepreneurs journey is long and full of twists and turns. What a ride! @redballoonexperiences
  • I have always been rushing! I need to remind myself of this one regularity. I'm intentional, not frenetic. Choose the one thing that needs to get done to make everything easier! #inspiration


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