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IMG_7786It is now more than a month since I sat enthralled with thousands of other Australians listening to one of the worlds great business commentators – Jim Collins. Having consumed his books and been influenced by his insights into leadership and greatness, I wondered what would stand out for me as time moves on. His delivery style was authentic, and very grounded – he was happy to share stories about his personal life as well as his work.
It is with reflection that I share my insights from his keynote – if for no other reason than I will be able to refer to it myself in the future. These are the things I want to remember:

  • The greatest leaders find a way to have an impact not in some abstract way but in a real flesh and blood way.
  • Definition of purpose: how will some people’s lives be better and different because you were here.
  • Definition of success: that the person closest to me (The love of my life Stuart) respects me more and more as the years go by
  • Definition of luck: you did not cause it, has a significant consequence and there is an element of surprise .
  • Hard work can allow luck to show up more often.
  • Money is a means it is not the end. If it’s just about the money it can NEVER be truly great.
  • If you measure your success in money you always loose. Like breathing is to life…
  • A good BHAG is built from your deep sense of purpose not with bravado. It is not a wish or pulled out of the blue because it sounds good.
  • Rhythm will give life a sense of control – even if there is none. Routine will set you free. Doing the ’20 mile march’ every day get’s you where you want to be. Everyday.  Fanatical discipline delivers greatness.
  • Real happiness is about picking a really big goal and organizing your life around it.
  • Level five leadership is those who know its not about them and that an organization will thrive without them.
  • What could you best in the world at – creates possibility rather than limiting you to what are you the best in the world at.
  • Great lesson for all business – it is always about relationships not transactions.
  • Never ever ever dwell on past mistakes… Learn from them but move on .. Don’t dwell. The past is simply that – the past.
  • How do people relate to the window and the mirror. Those who blame versus take responsibility.
  • You can almost always pivot the question from the what to the who. Or not what actions should you do but who could help.
  • Compounding effect of playing every hand you’re dealt consistently over and over again will guarantee the outcome.
  • It’s not about luck it’s about what you do with luck- including relationship luck.
  • Luck favors the persistent.
  • A BHAG needs to be possible not probable.
  • Never underestimate the power of BIG things to do. A true BHAG owns you. If the goal is big enough you’ll feel inadequate.
  • Preserve the core (your deep purpose) and stimulate progress (change, growth opportunities).
  • Task is be a clock builder not a time teller If your business cannot be great without the founder then it’s not yet great.
  • Grateful and fearful is productive paranoia.
  • When success is coupled with arrogance is the first step to decline; arrogance to believe that the past will give us the future.
  • True definition of mediocrity is in fact inconsistency.
  • Consistent growth out performs fast growth every time.
  • Big does not = Great. Nor does Great = Big.
  • What makes a great life? Spending time doing things with the people we love.
  • Great leaders have humility. Combined with a stoic need to get things done…
  • Most people are not born as great leaders they become it to get what must be done, done. Leadership is a learned choice.
  • Leadership is about getting people to ‘want’ to do what must be done. Rather than ‘having’ to do it. It’s s form of artistry.
  • Leadership is when people have the choice not to follow otherwise it’s just power.
  • Most great leaders I’ve known have had a charisma bypass. Greatness is a conscious choice.
  • We cannot predict the future but we can create it.

Good is the enemy of great.
Thanks to Verne Harnish and the Growth Faculty for putting together the event.

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