Gamification: the results are in!

Gamification in business has been around for over 15 years. The actual term – ‘gamification’ – was coined by Nick Pelling back in 2002, however, its traction in marketing has become more significant in recent years. As we know, customer engagement is a key component in marketing and gamification is a strategic technique used to motivate and engage the customers of a brand.

Did you catch Gamify on Shark Tank this week? If so, you would have seen them pitching to the Sharks…

Gamify and RedBalloon

Although Jonny and Tony from Gamify didn’t do a deal on the night, I did tell them that I wanted to give their gamification software a go.

As an experience brand, RedBalloon is constantly seeking new ways to engage and entertain with our audience so I thought that teaming up with Gamify was a fantastic idea.

RedBalloon worked with the team at Gamify to design and build a custom digital game to achieve the following objectives:
– reach a new audience segment (Millennials),
– drive brand engagement and consideration, and
– educate the audience on the amazing V8 experiences that RedBalloon offer.

The end result looked like this:

RedBalloon Game

Click here to play RedBalloon’s V8 Race Rush!

The team at Gamify were a delight to work with. We were able to completely customise and design the game to ensure brand fit and visual tone and their turn around time was really speedy too (brief to execution was just on two weeks). Players spent just over a minute on average playing the game – a great brand engagement opportunity and despite this being a brand initiative, we were delighted to achieve such great commercial success (attracting a premium audience and pushing consumers down the funnel).

Gamification Results for RedBalloon:

a) Exceeded number of unique games plays we set as a target,
b) 50% of the audience were repeat players (indicating brand engagement),
c) Grew our database of subscribers,
d) Attracted a premium audience with a +32% increase in average order value!

Overall the V8 Racing Game was a great success!

Well done, Gamify.

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