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Last week was all about resilience, focus and a few laughs – there were plenty of lessons. Monday was all about strategy and planning for Redii.com  Tuesday was to be a continuation of the ‘design thinking project’ and reviewing numbers… and mostly this got achieved. (Though I missed a media interview) we did manage to move the team to new offices as I shared in last weeks blog.
By Wednesday I was speaking to 600 small business owners about the critical path to success. Offering them two key insights on what I believe are the elements to success. A wardrobe fitting on Wednesday as well in readiness for the announcement of a certain TV show that might well be coming back for it’s the third season in 2017.

Quote: It’s all in the mind, where the mind goes energy flows.

Thursday I took out a big piece of blank paper and started dreaming really big about how Redii impacts the work-place cultures of our clients. Friday saw a quick trip to Channel TEN on the way to the city to regroup with the team… who did not seem too bereft that they had had to move…when disaster struck on Tuesday. Ice-Creams all round (it’s the simple things after all that make it feel like home)…
And somewhere in there the new look blog rolled out…. I worked with my Shark Tank companies especially Vegepod as we have a big announcement on its way to support us in store at Bunnings…

Quote: Fall seven times, stand up eight. Japanese Proverb

This Week:
Monday: Redii Office, Leadership meeting, Planning continues, Shark Tank company One on One’s, Book Launch – Behind Glass Doors
Tuesday: Melbourne; ‘That Race’.
Wednesday: My Daughter is in Sydney, and in the evening I will be with Herbert Smith Freehills and AWS for a ‘crocodile pit’ event.
Thursday: Filming for Series 3
Friday: Channel Ten launch event to announce it’s 2017 programming

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