Three steps to Emotional Brand Connection

There are three clear stages to achieve authentic, real employer branding communications.  I discussed in the previous entry stage one – which is the logical connection to the organisation. This is all about compliance… and knowing what ‘you’ are there to do.
We have been doing this for a long time… years in fact. We have not always had the employee engagement score that we now have (97%). I was in New Zealand a few weeks ago speaking with a client and they mentioned the book ‘Branded Customer Service’ and how they had applied this to their business.
I had not realised that this was the format we had been following. That is:

  1. Logical Connection,
  2. Emotional Connection,
  3. Brand Connection.

Emotional Connection comes from a shared set of beliefs. Leadership plays the most important role here. As I say over and over again ‘As goes the leadership team – so goes the rest of the organisation’
People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, to belong to something, feel like their contribution has made a difference. This is Generation Why? – this is not based on someone’s age – more their state of mind. Why am I here? Do I believe in the same things that the organisation believes in? Why should I do everything in my power to make this company successful?
This is where shared values are important. Especially in tough times – people need to feel that they believe in what they are doing, especially when more is being expected of them. In some ways employees may even feel that they are part of a ’cause’ – think Apple or Google employees here…
There is no faking it – it is authentic leadership that will create an emotional connection a clear sense of purpose… that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. People’s direct managers are equally important. Are the consistent? Do they recognise the people that work in their team regularly?
This ultimately will lead to Brand Connection…which is ‘the promise held in the heart of stakeholders;… but more on that later.

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