Relentless and exceptional Customer Service

I was just given a copy of a little book about Customer Service called ‘The Simple Truths of Service – Inspired by Johnny the Bagger’ by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz.
What I loved about the book (apart from its bite-sized pieces and colourful design) were the very simple clear messages.
“Everyone can make a difference and create meaningful memories for customers that will motivate them to come back by putting your personal signature on the job.
The book goes on to challenge us to think about something you can do for your customers to make them feel special, a memory that will make them want to come back or tell a friend. A very simple message.
I remember a number of years ago Ike Bain – right-hand man to Dick Smith and author of ‘The Dick Smith Way’ said in a presentation ‘it’s ok to have fun in business.’ I agree.
Since leaving corporate life myself I have always wondered why many people leave their personality at the door when they arrive at work. Is it the internal training programs and inductions that want to turn us into ‘company people’.
Being real with our customers and colleagues makes life so much easier. Being authentic and straight. Do what you say you’re going to do speaks volumes about who you are as an individual.
Let your personality shine. Our wonderful ‘Ghostbuster’ – Ryan who takes care of IT support RedBalloon team is a great example. From the day he arrived, he has brought his personality with him. Whether it’s his taste in music or the daily quotes on our internal blog. I love the way that when he is just being himself it puts a smile on other people’s faces.
After all, we are all people.
Some other great points in the book:
Great Service

  • inspires stories
  • uses outside-the-box thinking
  • is a choice
  • starts with a clear vision
  • requires that everyone catch the vision
  • surprises people
  • begins with anyone
  • goes the extra mile
  • brings customers back
  • Great Service comes from the heart

The simple truths of service

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