The job description for a Chief Experience Officer

The question I get asked the most is – what is my favourite experience – or the best experience I have ever been on. Well as you can imagine with 3000 RedBalloon experiences to choose from there have been a few, but as Chief Experience Officer, I really should know.

There is a real job now called CXO – when I came up with the title I was just having a bit of fun with the CEO, given RedBalloon is all about experiences.

What does a CXO do? According to Wikipedia, “A chief experience officer (CXO) is an executive responsible for the overall experience of an organisation’s products and services. As user experience (UX) is quickly becoming a key differentiator in the modern business landscape, the CXO is charged with bringing holistic experience design to the boardroom and making it an intrinsic part of the company’s strategy and culture.”

In the early days, I could do my own mystery shop of our suppliers. Book in like a regular customer using RedBalloon and away I’d go. I’ve met so many wonderful experience suppliers now – they all seem to know I’m coming. (We’ve had to get a real mystery shop programme going).

I do write reviews and publish them on RedBalloon Days, of the many experiences I go on. Most recently I have experienced the shear freedom of a Harley Ride, the make-believe of a Glamour Photo Shoot and the tranquillity of a Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Stay posted – if I find the ultimate experience I will tell you about it right here.

In the meantime being a true CXO is about living with purpose and having a focus on the customer journey. For more reading:

“Being the chief Experience Officer in charge of other peoples’ encounters with you requires a simple yet profound set of guidelines. Dan presents the expectations and requirements of the role in the form of a job description—one that will lead you to a life of purpose and meaning.”

I AM CXO, Now WhatI AM CXO, Now What

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