Naomi Simson

Team Building is a great way to bring diverse groups together

Team Building activities create a connected culture

When I think about team building activities I think about having fun at work. But I have found that there is far more to it than that. In fact team building needs to be about challenging people. Shared experiences does create a special bond with a team.

Many of us remember the best times as a child was playing team games. However, for others this has no fond memories at all.

I believe that team building activities need to form a critical part of any employee experience. If you are putting together an employee framework then it makes sense that team building activities form a critical part of your program.

Team building activities do, however, need to be inclusive. In fact it can be a really great way to get people working together. As I like to say ‘the team that plays together stays together’.

This may be a real way forward when you consider what is in your diversity and inclusion programs. Please do remember though to think about what will be appealing to every member of your team. It is important not to assume you know what they want to do. The best thing is to ask them.

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